Glow Up Challenge Tracker


Do you want to improve your health and fitness, but don’t know where to start? Try the Glow Up Challenge with this 7-day fitness challenge and tracker to help you begin your journey toward a healthier you.

In this printable pack you’ll find:

  • Self Care Checklist — A colorful checklist with over 20 ideas and simple routines to step up your self care.
  • Skin Care Routine Tracker — Weekly tracker to make note of your skin care routines for morning and night.
  • Exercise Tracker — A weekly tracker to journal your fitness journey and your daily physical activity.
  • Water Intake Tracker — No more guessing if you’re getting enough water! This one-sheet tracker lasts an entire month!

This Glow Up Challenge and Tracker sheet will help you track your progress towards your personal goal. Use these printable sheets while you complete the Glow Up Challenge to keep you accountable to your yourself and meet your goals faster!



In this Glow Up printable, I have included multiple printable trackers and checklists to help you with your Glow Up journey. They are organized and straight to the point to track your routine and know if you need to get to work on your goals!

Once purchased, you can print these planner pages as many times as needed to customize your glow up routine. Try a 7-day routine by printing each page once. You can also print multiple sheets to create a 30-day glow up challenge!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product; no physical product will be shipped. After purchase, you will receive an email with the printable files available for download. You are responsible for downloading, printing and assembly and you are welcome to print as many copies of each page to create your perfect planner binder.

Keep in mind that the print quality may vary from what is pictured above depending on the quality of paper used, your ink and printer settings. For best results, consider printing PDF’s at a copy store or JPGs at a photo store. If printing at home, use high quality paper and your printer’s BEST print setting.

This product is for personal use only – and it’s totally ok to print and give the finished physical item as a gift! However, re-selling in ANY form (physical or digital) is expressly prohibited. Questions? Feel free to reach out to stacey @


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