Age-Appropriate Chore Cards


Studies show that one of the best ways to teach kids responsibility and good work ethic is with household chores. Kids who help out around the house feel like a valued part of the family and learn valuable life skills that carry on to adulthood!

These printable chore cards are color-coded by age and come with a handy guide for parents. There are 20 full-color printable cards, including a few that your family can customize.

TIP: Place chore cards in a box and have children draw one at random — kids love the surprise! 

More Resources: Click here to learn more about teaching kids responsibility through chores!

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Age-appropriate chores are so important to helping your kids develop responsibility and accountability at home. While you don’t need to have a chore chart to do this, it certainly makes things easier!

Chores help raise children who know the value of hard work and aren’t spoiled!

It was this that inspired me to make these Chore Cards!

Everyone in our home does chores, including our toddler. By making them do chores while they are young, your kids will learn that they will have to do hard work to get the things they want in life.

When everyone pitches in to help with the household chores, housework is less stressful for you, and your children will develop life skills they’ll keep for a lifetime!


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